Monday, October 1, 2007

Heidi Montag confirms plastic surgery

Montag confirms what Us first reported in its April 23 issue: that she had undergone rhinoplasty and breast augmentation earlier that month.

The 21-year-old aspiring singer opens about her decision to go under the knife, enlarging from a 32-A to a 32-C, and the painful body-­image problems that spurred her to make a change.

Tell Us why you had the surgeries.

“I’ve always been very insecure about my body. My whole life, I looked at my chest and was like, OK, they’re going to grow. This is my year! And it never happened. I was less than an A-cup. I wore pushup bras, which cut into my skin. If I was with a guy and there was a girl next to me with big boobs, I would be like, Oh, my God, he’s looking at her! On the beach, if I was standing next to a girl with big boobs, I’d be like, I hate her! I hated my nose too. I have my dad’s nose, which is huge. It took up so much of my face, when I looked down, I could see my nose. I couldn’t get away from it!”

Heidi Montag - Plastic Surgery

Were you ever teased about your appearance ?

“People would say, “You have such a big nose!” And they’d make fun of me for being so flat, and say mean boy things, like, “If you nailed two nails in a board, they would be bigger than you are.” I was tormented. And when I was older, I’d want to be intimate, but I’d feel insecure. My boyfriends always had bigger chests than I did!”

A lot of people believe Spencer pressured you into surgery, since he's made his love of Playboy bunnies known.

“He had nothing to do with it. If anything, he said, 'maybe you should think about it a lot longer'."

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Demi Moore admits to having $600,000 worth of plastic surgery

Moore is also revealing some of the work that she had had done in an effort to stay young looking.

The 44-year-old tells the "Daily Mail" that she's had $600,000 worth of plastic surgery. That includes breast implants, collagen injections, liposuction and a $12,000 procedure to lift sagging skin around her knees.

Moore says she's also writing the tell-all to shed light on Hollywood's obsession with youth.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Take bold decision and do cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery loans help people in many ways. Using the loan amount people can:

. Get gastric and breasts implants done
. Get rid of the excess fat through liposuction
. Give a new look to their face through face-lift
. Get rid of excess fat from the stomach region through tummy tuck
. For LASIK (short for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis Surgery, a type of eye surgery done by surgeons for correcting near and far-sightedness of vision) surgery
. For dental reconstruction
. Air transplant/hair replacement done.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: Reasons and Benefits

Choosing cosmetic surgery abroad (like medical travel on the whole) has become an extremely popular trend. People seek out cosmetic surgery abroad for various reasons. In some regions, such as the third-world countries, it is difficult to come by the necessary facilities; in other countries, such as the UK, Australia and Canada, people head overseas for medical treatment because they are tired of long waiting lists to receive the needed procedures in their home country.

The development of medical tourism has been largely influenced by the fact that plastic surgery costs differ notably. Naturally, people living in the countries where plastic surgery costs are higher than somewhere abroad, will go abroad. It may be very advantageous because the sum of money left from the difference in prices can cover additional expenses such as for transportation, accommodation and leisure.

Prices for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery (speaking about accredited surgeon’s offices, accredited surgery clinics, accredited hospitals and surgery centres) depend on the type of procedure, region and clinic. It has been estimated that prices for cosmetic surgery are about 20 to 30 percent lower in Western Europe than in the USA. Meanwhile plastic surgery costs in Eastern European countries are yet lower when compared to the same procedures in the USA, the price difference being about 40 to 70 percent.

Popular medical travel destinations are Brunei, Colombia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Singapore, Thailand, etc. Among the most attractive cosmetic surgery travel destinations are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Turkey.

People who anyway are planning to travel to one of these countries have an opportunity to combine the excitement offered by travel and changes in their appearance and life. Many clinics offer packages which include personal assistants, trips to top beauty salons, post-operative care in luxury hotels, tours or other vacation incentives. Having in mind favourable currency rates, the deal is really attractive.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Plastic surgery holds relevance in modern scenario

Ludhiana, July 31

Plastic surgery can be a boon and help people suffering from disfigurement not only from congenital deformities, but also injuries. This was stated by Dr Deepak Bhatti, Professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Christian Medical College and Hospital. The hospital is equipped with one of the best burn units of north India.

For More click at Plastic surgery holds relevance in modern scenario: Dr Bhatti

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Plastic Surgery, A New Addiction ?

The prospect of beauty has changed throughout the years. Many people consider beauty as the person who has the perfect body, the perfect nose, the perfect everything. Society has made this vision of beauty and with it many persons feel pressured to look “perfect”, and this has created, as I like to call it, “the plastic surgery disease.” Plastic surgery has many advantages, but everything has two sides.

Plastic surgery has many good aspects. Not only would you look better, but you will also improve your self-esteem. Many doctors say that plastic surgery is like Prozac, or like having a long session with a psychiatrist. So, plastic surgery is not only about looking good, but to improve the way people value themselves.

People tend to abuse the use of plastic surgery. Many people get addicted to surgery, its like a disease, they get so addicted that sometimes instead of being “perfect”, they turn into weird monsters. Plastic surgery should be use only to correct minor details, and not to be used frequently just for vanity. Surgery should be used specially on people who suffered a certain accident, but persons shouldn’t abuse, because they harm and put themselves into many risks every time they decide to pass through the process of surgery.

Not everything in plastic surgery is good. Every surgery has its complications and risks, not everything turns out good. There are many accidents that can occur during surgery, sometimes people don’t get the result they wanted, or an infection can occur. Many catastrophes can happen. A fortieth year woman in Bocas del Toro, Panama wanted to a face lift, everything went out good, but now, one year later, basically her face melted. So as I said everything has two sides, not everything is as good as many people say it is.

Plastic surgery has many advantages, such as looking better, improving your self-esteem, or even improving your health. The problem is we tend to abuse the use of it and this causes many health problems, it is even considered a disease, a new addiction. But not everything is bad, so if you are considering getting one you shouldn’t get scared, you just have to be aware of the risks, of the two sides.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Look Beautiful With Cosmetic Surgery Loans

Now-a-days, people are highly conscious of their looks. Some people take it to the extreme by undergoing different types of cosmetic surgeries to improve their appearance. You can reshape your body, graft your skin, remove flab, do away with unwanted growth of moles, etc. The overall aim is to look beautiful and feel beautiful. Cosmetic surgery requires a lot of money. Do not lose your heart, even if you are a moderate earner. Cosmetic surgery loans can provide you an opportunity to finance your treatment expenses and have stunning looks.

Cosmetic surgery loans are basically personal loans. Very often, these loans do not require collateral. The lender sanctions cosmetic surgery loans only on the basis of your income and repayment capability. The loan amount depends on many factors like your credit history and financial status.

Before giving you any loan, lenders verify your credit rating from credit reference agencies. These are reputed and professionally managed agencies. These agencies provide information to the lenders regarding any county court judgement and bankruptcy that may have been associated with the loan applicant. On the basis of the credit history of the applicant, a credit rating is assigned to him. If the rating is below acceptable norms then lenders put such an applicant in the bad credit category. Bad credit loans, as is obvious, require you to pay more interest than regular loans.

Lenders in the UK offer cosmetic surgery loans to a wide section of society. An applicant has to fulfill the basic requirements of a contract. An applicant should be 18 or above in age, a UK resident and capable of entering into a contract. A loan agreement that forms the basis of your loan embodies all the terms and conditions. You should thoroughly understand such terms and conditions and their implications before signing the agreement. Once you sign it, you are subject to those terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement.

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